Tracy’s Dog Silicone Love Balls Review for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel


The last few months have been amazing since I joined such a diverse and inclusive community of bloggers and reviewers. I am having so much fun! I was particularly ecstatic to be chosen to participate in the July round of Cara Sutra’s (Pleasure Panel).

I have always wanted to try Kegel weights of some sort to add to my pelvic floor exercises. Luckily Cara chose me to receive the Tracy’s Dog Silicone Love Balls (that’s quite a company name don’t you think) in this round of the Pleasure Panel. They unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations of what Kegel weights should offer. Check out my full review to see all the details and even a photo of what it looked like when I cut one open!

Icicles No. 40 Glass Dildo Review for Wicked Butterfly


I am so thankful to Wicked Butterfly (@wicked_adult) for giving me the chance to do my very first sex toy review.  I was afraid that they wouldn’t want to work with me since I had no previous experience.  Luckily for me, they were implementing a new blog section devoted to reviews and were willing to give even beginning reviewers a shot.

The Icicles No. 40 Glass Dildo is a wonderful option for anyone wanting to explore the world of glass toys or those who just want to expand their collection.

Please head on over to Wicked Butterfly and see my full review.  Since this is my first review, I would love to get some feedback from more established reviewers.  Any tips, tricks, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Wicked Butterfly Review – Icicles No. 40 Glass Dildo

The Joys of Adult Nap Time

My friends who are parents have never fully appreciated the joys and benefits of nap time.  My kids took naps well into their Kindergarten days.  Everyone needs a break from the day.  Babies need to sleep, toddlers need a break from all the stimuli in their world, parents need a break from their toddlers, everyone can benefit from naps.  My friends, however, always stopped naps way too soon.  Really?  Give the kid a break, hell, give yourself a break!

When my kids were babies I slept when they slept, who cared if the house was perfectly clean or if the 1,001 loads of laundry got done that day…I needed to rest.  Once they were older, nap time became a time for me to relax and enjoy the quiet.  Frequently it was also time for me to enjoy my vibrator.  Raising humans is stressful, so a quick orgasm here and there probably saved my sanity, and maybe a few lives!

Weekends and holidays were different though.  If my husband was home when nap time rolled around the clothes were flying off within seconds it seemed.  We quickly learned that this was the perfect time during the day to reconnect with each other.  Afternoon sex is the perfect kind of sex for me.  Morning sex is great, but there’s morning breath, the need to pee, and the kids bouncing around just on the other side of the door to contend with.  Sex at night, just before falling asleep, is also awesome (and it leads to some super contented sleep).  Lots of nights though, I’m just too tired to give it my all.  So, afternoon sex is here to save the fucking day!

Now, every nap time was not all about sex.  Most were, but not all.  Sometimes we just cuddled together and talked about anything not related to the children.  Sometimes being naked together is enough of a reconnection that you don’t need to force the issue of sex if one of you is just not feeling it.  Our kids are well past the napping stage of life, but it is a tradition that we try to remember on the weekends for ourselves.

I would say that naps are even better now that we’ve crossed over into our “Fucking 40’s.”  The kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a good while without bothering us.  We are, in general, more comfortable with each other and our own bodies which always makes for better sex in my opinion.

My Fucking 40’s – The Origin

The idea for “My Fucking 40s” came from a conversation I was having with my husband. We were talking about how most people our age (in our 40s obviously) complain about not having a lot of sex. Either they don’t have time, they just don’t have the desire for it anymore, or their kids get in the way of spending sexy time with their honey. This lack of sex leads them to label this time in our lives in a negative way – their fucking forties.

It’s sad really. I can’t imagine not taking the time to spend quality intimate time with my spouse. It’s not just about sex, it’s about connecting with each other on that most personal level. There’s really no excuse for neglecting your partner. Sure, there are days when one of us (oh, who am I kidding…it’s most always me) doesn’t feel like having sex. Some old fashioned naked cuddle time is enough on these days. Hell, sometimes it leads to the not so innocent type of cuddling!

My friends think I’m the weird one for having sex so much more than them.  I’ve actually been made fun of for it, can you believe that?  Who makes fun of the person having all the sex?  My life is no different from their lives.  I am raising two almost teenagers, my elderly parents live on our property, I am teacher / coordinator for my kids online schooling, and my spouse has a high stress job that sometimes spills over into our time. I would even say that my days are a little more difficult and stressful than most of the people I know.

The difference lies in the fact that I don’t let everything else that happens during the day influence my relationship with my husband and neither does he.  We make an extra effort to love each other, physically.  Partly because he’s amazing…some of my friends are married to real assholes, so I don’t really blame them for wanting to stay as far away from them as possible.

We realized that we are actually having a lot more sex than all of our peers.  I would even classify it as better sex than we were having in our 20s.  Because of this, we consider our age range to be our fucking forties, as in “Hell yeah, we’re fucking more than ever” and not “Oh shit, being forty sucks.”