The Joys of Adult Nap Time

My friends who are parents have never fully appreciated the joys and benefits of nap time.  My kids took naps well into their Kindergarten days.  Everyone needs a break from the day.  Babies need to sleep, toddlers need a break from all the stimuli in their world, parents need a break from their toddlers, everyone can benefit from naps.  My friends, however, always stopped naps way too soon.  Really?  Give the kid a break, hell, give yourself a break!

When my kids were babies I slept when they slept, who cared if the house was perfectly clean or if the 1,001 loads of laundry got done that day…I needed to rest.  Once they were older, nap time became a time for me to relax and enjoy the quiet.  Frequently it was also time for me to enjoy my vibrator.  Raising humans is stressful, so a quick orgasm here and there probably saved my sanity, and maybe a few lives!

Weekends and holidays were different though.  If my husband was home when nap time rolled around the clothes were flying off within seconds it seemed.  We quickly learned that this was the perfect time during the day to reconnect with each other.  Afternoon sex is the perfect kind of sex for me.  Morning sex is great, but there’s morning breath, the need to pee, and the kids bouncing around just on the other side of the door to contend with.  Sex at night, just before falling asleep, is also awesome (and it leads to some super contented sleep).  Lots of nights though, I’m just too tired to give it my all.  So, afternoon sex is here to save the fucking day!

Now, every nap time was not all about sex.  Most were, but not all.  Sometimes we just cuddled together and talked about anything not related to the children.  Sometimes being naked together is enough of a reconnection that you don’t need to force the issue of sex if one of you is just not feeling it.  Our kids are well past the napping stage of life, but it is a tradition that we try to remember on the weekends for ourselves.

I would say that naps are even better now that we’ve crossed over into our “Fucking 40’s.”  The kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a good while without bothering us.  We are, in general, more comfortable with each other and our own bodies which always makes for better sex in my opinion.

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